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Aloisia / Jan 14, 2014
GM/Core 1 Raid Lead- Andrasta
Co-GM - Rumski
Officers - Gwaihirr, Tacgnol, Alive

Core 2 Raid Lead - Gspotshots, Darkvampy

Core 1 is recruiting for 20m.
Update! 20m raiding for SoO will be released with 6.0! XD
We're in need of 6 more raiders to fill our trial core.
Info can be found here -

If you are going to miss any raid days for Core 1 please link here

WoL Forum here -
Feel like linking your teams logs here for easy access? (Giggity)
Go for it!

Raffle Pets are now in effect for more info
Go here -

If you feel like showing yo face!
Past it here! -

Aloisia / Dec 07, 2013
Welcome to Sudo Guild, Sudo Pwn guild page.

Here be Shenanigans and occasionally the useful information.

We're a level 25 guild that focuses in End Game progression.
We currently have over 650 members and 3 running 10mans.

GM and Core 1 Raid Lead - Cosmogyral
Co-GM - Rumski
Officers - Gwahirr, Tacgnol and Alive
(Core one is recruiting for 20man come WoD)
-application for what we need can be found to the left <<

Core 2 Raid Lead - Epicletdown
Core 3 Raid Lead - Crises/Thorite
Core 3 Co-lead - Rkpaer