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Welcome to our Site!

Hello There!

We are Sudo! A PvE and PvP Guild If interested in our Raid Team message Aloisia, We are looking for someone capable and committed to running an RBG Team. Please whisper Aloisia (Or message) if interested.

How Do I become part of this super awesome guild?
Ask! We will invite, just about anyone.

Can I bring my friends?
Yes! Every rank can invite, feel free to invite them.

What does the Guild have to offer?
Shenanigans.. definitely shenanigans. Aside from that, we have all perks including achievement pets, mounts and BoA. There are designated Guild Bank tabs to specific ranks, with higher ranks there is obviously more access. And we have Courage Wolf as our tabard!

How do I get promoted to a more useful rank?
-Be Useful.
-Contribute to the Guild.
-Stand out from other members.
-Be a contributing member to a Guild group.
-Be Trustworthy.

Who are the Leaders?
GM/Raid Lead - Aloisia
Co-GM - Rumski
Officers -
Gwaihirr, Tacgnol, Alive, Octavian, Evilj, Bishi

Click Here to see the Guild Armory

Click here to see our WoD 20man Recruitment Forum

Click here for our Core Logs